Local Media – Highly Skilled Jobs For Regional Australians

Trusted and long-standing local media outlets are home to hundreds of highly skilled media professionals.

Local newspapers, TV and radio are also the training ground for tomorrow’s stars and media leaders. Some of the biggest names in Australian media got their big break in regional towns. People like Samantha Armytage, Tara Brown, Karl and Peter Stefanovic, Natalie Barr, Erin Molan, Michael Usher and Grant Denyer.

Without local media, these important and highly skilled jobs would be lost to the capital cities, leaving little to no opportunity for regional Australians to participate in one of the most important communications and entertainment industry sectors.

Local Media – Urgent, Positive Government Action Needed

The regional media industry operates to federal government regulations that were decided more than 30 years ago. They became law well before the internet, the iPhone, the iPad and video streaming services, all of which have contributed to an 800 per cent increase in competition for regional newspapers, regional TV networks and regional radio stations.

Only positive action by the federal government that recognises the unique issues of regional media can reverse the fortunes of ailing regional media businesses and stop the closure of more newspapers and TV newsrooms.

Since 2013 the industry has been deeply engaged with the government, its agencies and many members of parliament on this issue. Reform of regional media laws and markets is necessary to ensure a viable and vibrant local media sector — one that is able to sustain itself and grow into the future.

The issues affecting local media are:

The government has been provided with an industry plan designed to revitalise the local media sector and introduce a dramatic increase in uniquely local news, information and entertainment services for regional Australians. It is the only appropriate response to the rapidly deteriorating environment of local media.

It Has To Change

October 1st, 2020


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Authorised by C. O’Connor on behalf of Save Our Voices, Canberra