Local Media Matters

Regional Australia has a diverse range of local media outlets across television, radio and print. Many have been serving their communities for decades. Some newspapers have been published continuously for more than a century.

But they may not survive.

The trusted local media voices that readers and listeners know and love — the outlets that are part of the very fabric of regional Australia — are at breaking point. They are battling under archaic regulations that restrict ownership and are well past their use-by date.

If our industry is to make it through this crisis, these regulations must be overhauled.

We are proud of the many trusted local media voices that connect communities and inform them of local events and issues, but newspapers and local TV newsrooms are slowly fading and switching off across the country. Our society, and our democracy, is the poorer for it.

We believe regional Australians deserve better, but unless the federal government acts quickly, a sustainable independent local media presence looks increasingly unlikely.

Your point of view is important, so please join us in our fight for change.

Use your voice to help us save our local services in news and community information. We will carry the voice of regional Australia with us as we argue for a viable, long-term and independent local media for all regional Australians.

I hope you will join us.


Your Voice Matters To Local Media

Local media plays a critical role in fostering community initiatives, including support for various clubs, services and charities.

We provide publicity and free advertising to community endeavours large and small, even in the most remote regional communities.

We know how important this support is because we live and work in these communities too.

Australia’s regional media companies donate more than $40 million in free advertising support every year to the communities they serve. But it doesn’t end there. Your local media brings its business relationships, on-air personalities, production, technical resources and people together to give a voice to the local community.

Our services, whether they are on-air or in print, help to bring communities together.

Without local media, all this would be lost.

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Authorised by C. O’Connor on behalf of Save Our Voices, Canberra