Tim Fischer’s advice to new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

The Border Mail | Shana Morgan | 15 September 2015

Former deputy prime minister and Nationals leader Tim Fischer has urged the country's new leader to listen to more regional voices.

Mr Fischer would not weigh in or whether Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the right decision to challenge Tony Abbott for the Liberal leadership on Monday, but admitted the government had issues with stability.

"It doesn't matter what I think has happened," he told The Border Mail on Tuesday.

"We need a period of stability and Malcolm Turnbull needs to get on with it."

He said his best advice for Mr Turnbull was to listen to regional voices.

The former deputy prime minister knows the difficulties of leading a group of different personalities in a Federal cabinet.

"He needs to be more consultative," Mr Fischer said.

"I've known him for many years... I wish him well."

He pitted himself against the Federal Government and Mr Turnbull as Communications Minister last month by becoming one of the faces of the "Save our Voices" campaign, which is aiming to change the roles around media ownership.

Regional broadcasters such as Prime, WIN and Southern Cross claim they can cannot compete fairly with metropolitan and online media.

Mr Fischer said again on Tuesday that changing media laws should be a priority of Mr Turnbull.

He said he had no doubt the National Party would continue in a Coalition with the Liberals under Mr Turnbull, but would not say if his party should push for a better deal.

It was only at last week's opening of the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Experience at Wodonga that Mr Fischer last saw Mr Abbott.

He said he wished the former prime minister all the best of the future.

"It's a hard way to lose the prime ministership," he said.


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