Your critics say you are threatening to axe regional jobs unless the Government gives in to your bullying. How do you respond to that?


That criticism comes from the Seven Network, which has a strong vested commercial interest in the rules staying the same.

The current rules prevent any broadcaster from reaching more than 75% of the population. But the rules didn’t contemplate modern media technology when they were introduced in 1992.

There is a loophole in the current rules that means that Seven can stream its content to 100% of the population via the 7PLUS app on mobiles and tablets. Other capital city networks are able to do the same.

In doing this, Seven is live streaming content to regional areas for which it does not have a broadcasting licence, and you're paying for it via your data usage! And not only that, Seven's live stream into regional areas is the same content that Prime, WIN and Southern Cross have already paid Seven to broadcast exclusively in these markets. Prime, WIN and Southern Cross also pay a licence fee to the Government to access these markets.

We are not threatening to axe jobs; we are campaigning for reforms to achieve a fair and level playing field. 

APN's regional media has also been critical of our campaign, saying we are selfish. You may not be aware that they are 14.99% owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and they plan to put a paywall on your local newspaper (and bundle it up with other News Corp owned products like the Courier Mail, Fox Sports and Presto, which is owned by Seven and News Corp). Free TV is free - and unlike News Corp, we can't and don't want to make you pay for what you should get for free.