About The Campaign

Prime, WIN, Southern Cross Austereo and Imparja – the four independent regional broadcasters – have come together to ensure regional Australia continues to have a voice. Vibrant local journalism is essential to ensure regional issues get the attention they deserve and regional voices are heard.

Local media organisations are a crucial part of the fabric of regional and rural communities. Not only do they keep communities up to date on the issues that matter to them, they also provide local skilled jobs, promote local events, support local businesses, provide local advertising opportunities, and support local charities and community initiatives. 

For a long time, The Broadcasting Services Act helped to promote the longevity of these organisations and ensure local coverage, but now the Act is a huge impediment to local media staying local.

Back in 1992, when the Act was introduced, the only way to get your news was on TV, radio or in a newspaper. Today, it’s radically different. You can wake up check the news on your phone, read the paper on your tablet and watch a bulletin on one of any number of streaming services. But, despite this dramatic shift in our industry, there has been no change to the Act.

Instead of protecting regional news services, the current legislation is hanging regional news providers out to dry. It is making us fight online news, international news, streaming services, news from capital cities with one hand tied behind our backs.

Right now, the only way we can ensure the viability of our businesses is to cut costs and that means cutting services and cutting jobs.

Changing the Broadcasting Services Act will open up new avenues for our businesses and allow us to protect jobs and continue to deliver the services we currently provide.

We are asking you to join us and stand up for regional voices and journalism. We want the Federal Parliament to amend the Broadcast Services Act to ensure jobs are protected and our businesses can continue to provide the quality news services you rely on.

We must work together to show the Parliament how important these services are to you, and what they mean to your community.

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About Us

About Prime
Prime Media Group is a regional television broadcaster with a viewing area that covers northern and southern New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, the Gold Coast area of south eastern Queensland and all of regional Western Australia. Prime produces and airs six different 30 minute news bulletins and more than 100 news and weather updates across 12 major regional areas every day.

About WIN
WIN Network - reaches more than 6 million viewers across six states of Australia and the nation’s capital. Broadcasting throughout 23 markets, WIN produces and airs 16 local news bulletins each day as well as WIN’s All Australian News which airs across the WIN network.

About Southern Cross Austereo
Southern Cross Austereo creates more hours of live content than any other broadcast media in Australia and can connect brands with 95% of Australians each week via our regional free-to-air TV networks, national radio networks, online, mobile and unique one off events and a strong social media presence. Our wide range of media offerings gives us the unique opportunity to provide inventive, interactive and cross platform campaigns.

About Imparja
Imparja is a free-to-air television broadcaster broadcasting to area of 3.6 million square kilometres, spanning six states and territories – Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria with an estimated over one million resident viewers. Our service is also watched by approximately 200,000 viewers in terrestrial black spots.

About Tim Fischer
Tim Fischer is lending his voice to save regional voices, and he’s asking regional Australia to add their voices to the call.

A former Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the National Party, Tim was been involved in both state and federal politics from 1971 until his retirement in 1999. Since then he has been heavily involved in charity work for organisations such as the Fred Hollows Foundation, St Vincent de Paul and Autism NSW. He was the Australian Ambassador to the Holy See and now lives and works on his family farm in Southern NSW.

Born and bred in regional NSW, Tim Fischer understands the critical importance of local news services and how much they mean to regional communities.

Tim Fischer is not being paid for his involvement with the Save Our Voices campaign. In lieu of any appearance fee, WIN, Prime, Southern Cross Austereo and Imparja will make donations to Tim's favoured charities, the General Sir John Monash Foundation and the Country Education Foundation. 

Want more information? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.